George Blake

George Blake was born in Greenock on 28th October 1893 and died in August 1961 at the age of 67. In 1935 he retired from journalism to concentrate on writing books, and settled in Helensburgh. He maintained his connection with journalism and in 1939 emerged as editor of the “Glasgow Evening Citizen”. Much of his early work was written under the pseudonym “Vagabond”. His chosen field was the industrial, middle class of Scotland with much of his material based on Greenock, its shipyards and social conditions. It is not too difficult to recognise that the town of “Garvel” is really Greenock, since Blake uses the burgh as a backcloth. His best known book “The Shipbuilders” (1935) tells a story of Clydeside in the Depression years. This story and another of his novels - 'Flood Tide' - was later filmed. In later years, Blake undertook general histories such as 'The Ben Line', 'Lloyds Register of Shipping, and 'The Gourock', - a history of the ropework company.

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