On Starlit Seas Blog Tour

ON STARLIT SEAS is the latest historical novel from bestselling author Sara Sheridan. Set at the height of the British Empire ON STARLIT SEAS is a breathtaking and compelling story of passion, secrets and escape based on the story of the celebrated writer and historian Maria Graham.

The blog tour will be running from 25-29 July. Make sure to follow the links through to all the blogs below to find out what people have to say about ON STARLIT SEAS.

"A story as rich and velvety as the chocolate at its heart... A joy to read." MARY CHAMBERLAIN (author of The Dressmaker of Dachau)

"This is a novel to take one seamlessly from exotic places to shadowy underworlds and polite drawing rooms, in order to revel in an emotionally charged and socially challenged Victorian romance, coupled with the cliff-hanging jeopardy of Brazilian and London low-life... Five stars with extra phosphorescence!" JOANNA HICKSON (author of The Tudor Bride)

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