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Published: 18th April 2012
Format: Paperback 198x129mm
Extent: 432 pages
ISBN: 9781845023706
RRP: £7.99

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ePub ISBN: 9781845024338
Published: 27th April 2012

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First book in the paranormal YA trilogy THE SARAH MIDNIGHT TRILOGY. Ever since her thirteenth birthday, seventeen-year-old Sarah Midnight's dreams have been plagued by demons - but unlike most people's nightmares, Sarah's come true. Her dreams guide her parents' hunt as Sarah remains in bed, terrified but safe, sheltered from the true horrors of the Midnight legacy. But all this is about to change. After the murder of her parents, she is cruelly thrust into a secret world of unimaginable danger as she is forced to take up their mission. Alone and unprepared for the fight that lies before her, Sarah must learn how to use the powers she's inherited and decide whom to trust before it's too late...


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Daniela Sacerdoti

Daniela Sacerdoti is the bestselling author of the Glen Avich series of novels (Watch Over Me, Take Me Home and Set Me Free) and the Young Adult Sarah Midnight Trilogy. She was born and raised in Italy, before moving to Scotland for more than ten years. Daniela holds a degree in Classics from the University of Turin and has taught Italian, Latin and Greek. Her great uncle was the renowned Italian writer Carlo Levi. She has recently moved to Northern Italy with her family.

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