Oor Wullie 100 Greatest Moments

Oor Wullie 100 Greatest Moments


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For as long as we can remember, Oor Wullie has captivated the nation with his exploits and left us wondering what he'll do next. Most of what he does has us laughing out loud, and this brand new collection is no exception. Join Oor Wullie on a romp through the years as he reveals for the very first time his own personal hundred greatest moments from a very mischievous life!

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Published: 29th September 2017
Format: Hardback 140x115mm
Extent: 128 pages
ISBN: 9781910230459


Oor Wullie is a mischievous little boy with tousled yellow hair and distinctive black dungarees. He is very much an action man and is the inspirational leader of his long standing pals, Bob, Soapy and Eck. He is always ready with a joke or prank or sweetie when his friends are down.


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