Oor Wullie's Letter to Santa

Oor Wullie's Letter to Santa


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Just like millions of children around the world, each Christmas Oor Wullie sits down and writes a letter to Santa. This year, his letter is a bit special because Oor Wullie has written a poem to Santa and is sharing it with his legions of fans.

Full of humour and fun, Oor Wullie tells Santa about all the things he's done during the year and how he's been as good as gold – except for a lapse or two here and there, like the time he accidentally knocked off PC Murdoch's hat again. Oh yes, and that time with his catapult last summer. Apart from that he's tried really hard to be good. Honest!

Set out in a new format with beautiful new illustrations, Oor Wullie's Letter to Santa will appeal to the many thousands of Oor Wullie fans around the world. But will Santa deliver a present to Oor Wullie this Christmas? And how will he reply to Wullie's heartfelt poem? With a poem of his own, of course!


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Published: 30th September 2015
Format: Paperback 148x105mm
Extent: 6 pages
ISBN: 9781910230220


Oor Wullie is the iconic wee Scottish laddie from the fictional town of Auchenshoogle. The image of Wullie sitting on his upturned bucket, wearing his famous black dungarees is as familiar to Scots as Edinburgh Castle. Wullie loves life, fun and laughter with the help of his lifelong pals Fat Bob, Soapy Soutar, Wee Eck, and his occasional girlfriend Primrose Patterson. Even Ma, Pa and long suffering PC Murdoch have to smile at his energetic pranks. The Oor Wullie cartoon strip appears every week in the Sunday Post newspaper and in 2016 celebrates its 80th anniversary.


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