Just Don't Mention It (2023 edition)

Just Don't Mention It (2023 edition)


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"And all that's left is me. The Tyler who doesn't know who he really is."

At seventeen, Tyler Bruce is hot - a hot mess. His girlfriend is a knockout, his reputation untouchable, parties are nothing without him. Even his car is unreal. But inside Tyler is in ruins - and he'll stop at nothing to keep that a secret.

Then one summer Eden comes to stay. She's upfront, sharp and far more enticing than a stepsister should be. She also sees straight through Tyler's bad boy façade . . . to the vulnerable kid within. The quiet kid who took all the punches. As Eden draws Tyler in, his defences start to crumble around him.

As irresistible and dazzling as its Californian backdrop, Just Don't Mention It is Tyler's story - his heart-stopping tale of past hurt, finding hope and figuring out who the hell he wants to be.

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Published: 11 May 2023
Format: Paperback 198x129mm
Extent: 480 pages
ISBN: 9781785303814

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Estelle Maskame is the young author of the Did I Mention You I Love You? series, and the standalone Dare to Fall. She has built a passionate, loyal fanbase around the world for her YA fiction, with rights sold in 17 territories, and readers eagerly awaiting Just Don’t Mention It. Estelle won the Young Scots Arts Award in 2016, and was shortlisted for the Young Adult award at the Romantic Novel of the Year Awards. Estelle grew up in the fishing town of Peterhead, where she lives with her family.

Check out Estelle's website here.


‘Although I haven’t read the original trilogy, I found it easy to fall into Just Don’t Mention It. For someone so young, Maskame’s writing is incredible. Her characters are complex with interesting arcs and relatable qualities; her style is easy to read which helps pull you into the narrative quickly; and within seconds of opening the first pages, she pulls on your emotions so hard that you find yourself wishing you could hurl yourself into the string of letters like a warrior Mary Poppins to protect Tyler yourself. It’s definitely a book I recommend to any and all YA lovers.’ GKSIHAT

Just Don’t Mention It, is everything that the previous DIMILY books has and more. I felt that this book, took a whole dimension and light to the characters of this world. It made the DIMILY universe a more honest and tangible reality that we as readers can relate too. Just Don’t Mention It is a beautiful extension to this series. It works just as good a beginning or a standalone, but I would recommend reading them all because they will always be an all-time favourite of mine.’ Never Judge a Book by its Cover

‘I am a huge fan of the DIMILY trilogy. I have been loving it since the beginning and you better believe I screamed when I heard she was releasing a book from Tyler's POV … I really enjoyed this book. DIMILY is one of my all time favourite trilogies and now that we have a book from Tyler and get to read his past and his thoughts – it just really adds to the whole series.’ Words from a Reader

‘What do you mean you’ve never read DIMILY? How?! Look, okay, I have to admit that Estelle’s other books have been on my radar for so long, but I’m guilty of not having yet managed to make my way to them. However, after reading Just Don’t Mention It, you can bet I’ll be picking them up pretty soon! … Despite Tyler’s bad boy persona at the start of the book, the more I found out about him, the more I fell in love with him. Estelle has created such a deep, wonderful character, and I think this book must add so much onto the rest of the series … I completely understand why people are excited to get their hands on this and trust me it’s so worth it!’ Words of a Paige