Maw Broon's Guide Tae Life

Maw Broon's Guide Tae Life


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If anyone knows a bit about life, it’s Maw Broon. She doesn’t need any new-fangled ways to keep her family and home in order. Now, for the first time, Maw shares her wisdom in this hilarious guide, offering her personal insights on the ups and downs of life and how best to deal with all sorts of family situations. Of course, when the rest of The Broons get involved, her best-laid schemes don’t always run smoothly to plan!

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Published: 4th October 2016
Format: Hardback 140x115mm
Extent: 128 pages
ISBN: 9781910230282


The Broons are billed as 'the happy family that makes every family happy'. Though they are ten in number, the family enjoys staying together in the small tenement flat of 10 Glebe Street, Auchentogle. Maw is the homemaker in charge of all household affairs, and mother to eight children. A fantastic cook, she has written several books including Bake with Maw Broon and the bestselling Maw Broon's Cookbook. The Broons cartoon strip appears every week in the Sunday Post newspaper and in 2016 celebrates its 80th anniversary.


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