Celebrating Women

Celebrate International Women's Day and Women's History Month with these inspiring women and their stories.

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The Day That Changed My Life

There are stories of cancelled weddings and coming out, stories of leaps of faith and determined entrepreneurship. Stories of crazy highs, such as Oscar nominations and being elected into office! All are united by a strength in adversity, courage and resilience, and an ability to find humour in the darkest places.

Here are tales which will connect with readers on a deeply emotional level, will inspire and humble them and bring understanding of how we make the decisions we do and the consequences those decisions have.

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Still Hot!

The menopause – let alone the perimenopause – simply isn’t talked about; instead it’s reduced to a comic hot flush. More and more of us are proudly stepping free of the menopausal closet, but the Big M is still a conversation whispered below the radar. 

Let’s be bold, let’s overshare. Let’s find solidarity among Still Hot!’s myriad voices – measured, fierce, wise, rebellious, upfront – telling how the menopause is not just one story, but many. Telling, in fact, that this is not the menopause, it is YOUR menopause.

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Feisty & Fiery & Fierce

Throughout history, the women of the Celtic nations of Scotland, Ireland and Wales have risen to challenge and proved themselves to be seriously badass.

Feisty, fiery and fierce in every way, the ‘her-stories’ of these Celtic sisters – from prophets to photographers, artists to activists – will inspire you to face your own modern-day dilemmas in true badass style.

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Warriors & Witches & Damn Rebel Bitches

Throughout history, Scottish women have broken the rules with attitude. Inspirational and fierce in every sense, these sisters will fire you up to face your own modern-day dilemmas with serious style.

"I loved these powerful, moving and inspiring stories about women and sisterhood. I know so many activists and change-makers who will connect with this brilliant book and I can't wait to share it with the women in my life." DAISY BUCHANAN

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Sisters of Berlin

A young writer is brutally attacked in her home and left for dead. For her sister Nina Bergmann, it's the beginning of a nightmare that will threaten to destroy her marriage, her job and – ultimately – her life. As she sets out to unravel the truth about what really happened to her sister, Nina comes face-to-face with inner demons she believed long since banished and discovers that her sister's past and that of the once-divided city are intertwined in unimaginable ways. The Wall may be gone, but its legacy still haunts Berlin . . .

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Naturally Stefanie

With over 100 plant-based recipes, tips for self-care and workout guides, Naturally Stefanie's plant-powered way of life will help you feel your best. Whether you re a committed vegan and gym-goer or looking to add more plants and exercise to your life, Stefanie's enthusiasm is infectious. And wherever you are on your personal wellbeing journey, her passion will inspire you!

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Till the Cows Come Home

Warm, witty and wise, Lorna Sixsmith effortlessly mixes family memories, social history and her own hard-won insights into life on the land.

"Lorna’s deep-rooted attachment to the land … is woven into every sentence of this wonderful tale of a farming life … I found myself smiling from first page to last. Just wonderful." WILL EVANS, host of Rock & Roll Farming podcast

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The Gravity of Love

Bold, intimate and joyful. This glorious novel tells an unforgettable story of love's true gravity.

"From the arid desert of eighties Arizona to swinging sixties London, Noëlle Harrison connects her beautifully drawn characters and weaves them into a story that entangled, enchanted and entranced this reader." LIZ NUGENT, author of Lying in Wait

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Taking the Plunge

Wild swimming changes lives. The thrill of plunging - or dipping a toe - into open water brings joy, confidence, adventure and friendship.

Full of life-affirming personal stories and breath-taking images of scenery and swimmers, Taking the Plunge celebrates the remarkable wild swimming community. Now you too can immerse yourself in its energy, courage and irresistible joie de vivre!

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