Nowhere Else But Here

Nowhere Else But Here

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Published: 3rd May 2018
Format: Paperback 198x129mm
Extent: 256 pages
ISBN: 9781785301636
RRP: £7.99


Rose Valentine prefers to keep herself to herself. Life is easier when you stick to the rules and stay out of other people’s business. So why is she so intrigued by Theo Lockhart? Sure, he’s handsome – everyone knows that, including him. Sometimes he makes her laugh. But he’s also aloof, moody, and impossible to get to know. Rose should know, she’s tried. After two years of being Chemistry partners, she still doesn’t know a single thing about him.

When Theo disappears from town, Rose assumes he’s done a runner. She’s sure of it – right up until he turns up on her doorstep, asking to hide out at her house. Why is he running? And more importantly, why did he choose her? Letting him in means going against everything Rose believes in. It’s reckless and risky and definitely against the rules.

But there’s something about Theo that makes Rose want to break the rules . . . As he turns Rose’s world upside down, and even though she begins to enjoy it, they both know that the real world still exists outside the safe confinement of Rose’s bedroom. But can things ever go back to normal?



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Rachel Cotton

Rachel is currently attending sixth form in Chessington, Surrey, where she studies English Literature and Creative Writing. From humble beginnings on the self-publishing forum Wattpad, she has always dreamed of becoming a published author. Whilst that dream has come true, she also intends to study Journalism at Cardiff University next year. 

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