The Dolocher

The Dolocher


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Victorian London had Jack the Ripper.
Georgian Dublin had the Dolocher...

The Dolocher is stalking the alleyways of Dublin. Half man, half pig, this terrifying creature has unleashed panic on the streets. Can it really be the evil spirit of a murderer who has cheated the hangman's noose by taking his own life in his prison cell, depriving the mob of their rightful revenge? Or is there some other strange supernatural explanation?

This terror has come at the perfect time for down-at-heel writer Solomon Fish. With his new broadsheet reporting ever more gruesome stories of the mysterious Dolocher, sales are growing daily and fuelling the city's fear. But when the Dolocher starts killing and Solomon himself is set upon, he realises that there's more to the story than he could ever have imagined.

With the help of his fearless landlady, ship's surgeon-turned-apothecary Merriment O'Grady, Solomon goes after the Dolocher. Torn between reason and superstition, they must hold their nerve as everyone around them loses theirs. But are they hunting the Dolocher or is the Dolocher hunting them?

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Published: 17th March 2016
Format: Paperback 198x129mm
Extent: 512 pages
ISBN: 9781785300110


Caroline Barry believes studying Art History at college is what gave her an interest in storytelling. She has had two young adult novels published in Ireland. After starting her career in Arts Administration she moved into teaching creative writing, designing and delivering creative writing modules for several county councils around the country. She has been a writer-in-residence and is currently living in the midlands with her husband Neil Richardson (also a writer). Outside of writing she has studied and practiced yoga for fourteen years and is keenly interested in the esoteric. The Dolocher is her first foray into adult fiction inspired by a little known Dublin ghost story.


"It’s perfectly suspenseful, grisly in all the right places, and has characters with personalities that leap from the page. It’s a seriously epic read, in every magnificent sense.”

"This book had me hooked from page 1 and I loved every heart stopping second of it.”

"It’s a wonderful, colourful tale that I think all will adore. It’s almost like a fairy tale – but this is definitely one for grown-ups!”

"This is a fabulous historical tale of crime along with fantasy and I loved it!”

"This must be one of the dirtiest books in terms of setting I’ve read in a long while. I even sniffed the book after reading to see if the pages were imbued with some sort of potion from Merriment’s shop to make it even more authentic than it was.”

”A great historical mystery… reason battles with superstition and fear, till it boils over.”

"A beautifully written work of historical fiction with some truly wonderful characters”