Ailidh Forlan

Ailidh Forlan Ailidh Forlan has a passion for all things food and drink! A judge on the panels for the 2019 Scottish Street Food Awards and the Scottish Thistle Awards Best Eating Experience in 2018 and 2019, Ailidh is an expert on Scotland’s quality food offering. Based in Edinburgh, she is the discerning foodie behind ‘Plate Expectations’, a hugely popular Instagram page that delights with an unbiased, no-nonsense approach to reviewing, coupled with drool-worthy food photography. It’s here that she champions local Scottish produce and documents Scotland’s newest and most innovative dining experiences. As a member of The List’s Eating & Drinking Guide review team, Ailidh has also critiqued many of Edinburgh’s restaurants and bars over the past four years.

Image credit: Ellie Morag