The Importance of Being Me

The Importance of Being Me


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When Courtney's husband leaves her for Mar-nee – a local beautician years younger – she's upset but nowhere near as devastated as she thought she'd be. Her marriage to David hasn't been great for a long time.

Now that he's gone, Courtney and her fifteen-year-old daughter, Susan, are left on their own at home. But Susan is a complete daddy's girl and likes to spend all her weekends in the new modern apartment that Mar-nee owns. Susan still thinks David is the greatest father on earth and Courtney has no intention of ruining that illusion for her daughter. In addition, Susan and Mar-nee have a fantastic relationship. In fact Susan says, they are as close as 'sisters', and constantly refers to the fact that 'Mar-nee just gets her.' And, of course, Susan and Mar-nee Snapchat their every waking moments.

But when Susan then decides to spend the whole summer with her dad and Mar-nee, Courtney is devastated. She needs a change, and some time for herself. With her grandmother's legacy, she decides she needs a complete change of scene, on her own, and a work assignment in Cornwall looks like the perfect solution. At least for the summer it's a new location, new people and a project to keep her busy. Then, when she bumps into a client she's worked with but never actually met, it's like being hit by a bolt of lightning. But can she ever have what she wants most in the world: a whole new relationship with the most important person in her life – her daughter?

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Published: 29th June 2017
Format: Paperback 198x129mm
Extent: 256 pages
ISBN: 9781785301247


Caroline Grace-Cassidy is an Irish writer and actress. She trained as an actress at the Gaiety School of Acting before landing her first role as Mary Mull on BAFTA award-winning children's programme Custers Last Stand Up. She then went on to appear in various productions for BBC, RTE, TG4 and TV3, alongside a variety of feature films.Turning to full-time writing in 2011, Cassidy has published four novels. In 2012 Cassidy was a founding member of an all female Film & TV Production Company, for which she has written, produced and directed five short films. Her first feature film script is completed and in development. Cassidy is a contributor for Woman's WayU MagazineIrish Country Magazine and has been a regular panellist for the Midday show on TV3 since 2012.


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