Dragon Land

Dragon Land


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Lizzie Flint learns things a ten-year-old shouldn't know. During WWI, she learns that her father, Peter, is missing in action, that she and her mother will have to live with her grandmother until he is found and that her mother, Beth, refuses to believe him dead. She learns that her father was a hero, saving other soldier's lives but was finally blown up by a land mine and, ultimately, that Beth will never recover from hearing the news.

Grown, Lizzie develops an adventurous streak. She travels to Hong Kong to take up a teaching post. There, she meets and falls in love with an author, Jonas O'Neill. They marry but Jonas is sent to Shanghai to report on the Japanese bombings and the two are separated. Not knowing the fate of the other, Lizzie frantically searches for Jonas, all the while fearing that, just like her father, she may never see Jonas again.

Dragon Land is an epic story set across generations of the Flint family as they battle war and conflict throughout the world as the Great War, the Japanese invasion of China and finally the Second Word War rage on around them and rips the family apart. It is a story of love, hope and survival.

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Published: 4th October 2014
Format: Paperback 198x129mm
Extent: 288 pages
ISBN: 9781845027438


Born in Dundee in 1938, Maureen Reynolds lived with her mother, grandad and brother in two rooms on Macdonald Street. She left school at 15 and has held a variety of jobs; currently she works at her local garage. Married in 1956, she has four children and seven grandchildren. Maureen is the bestselling author of Voices in the Street and The Sunday Girls.


"This is a book that can be enjoyed on many different levels. On the one hand it can be read simply as the beautifully written story of two decades of the life of an individual we come to like and care for as she takes the chances that fate offers her to pursue her dreams, and finds that some of them can become nightmares. On another level it can be seen as a story of the enduring power of friendship and, especially, of love, in the face of unimaginable adversity.

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