Cats in Snow

Cats in Snow


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When you think of cats you see them snuggled up by the fire, playing with string, cleaning their whiskers, or curled up on someone’s lap. You don’t think of them paw-deep in snow! But this fantastic new collection, Cats in Snow, captures just that. In this stunning compilation, see cats as you’ve never seen them before. 

From tortoiseshells to tabby cats, feisty felines to curious kittens; whether they’re up trees, under cars, or buried up to their necks, these cats are truly at their most majestic when they are in the snow.

Product Details

Published: 27th October 2016
Format: Hardback 173x193mm
Extent: 144 pages
ISBN: 9781785300608


Having grown up on a farm outside Aberdeen, Hugo Ross has spent most of his life surrounded by animals. When he’s not running around photographing various creatures, Hugo Ross is a part-time volunteer at his local pet rescue centre. A lover of rugby and The Beatles, he lives a quiet life in Aberdeen with his wife and their three dogs.


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