A Laddie Cawed Christmas: A Boy Called Christmas in Scots

A Laddie Cawed Christmas: A Boy Called Christmas in Scots


Translated by MATTHEW FITT

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The first magical book in the festive series, from number one bestselling author Matt Haig, and featuring enchanting illustrations from Chris Mould. Now in Scots for the first time, A Laddie Cawed Christmas is a tale of adventure, snow, kidnapping, elves, more snow and a boy called Nikolas, who isn't afraid to believe in magic.

Ye’re aboot tae read the richt story o FAITHER CHRISTMAS . . .

If you’re wan o thae folk that believe that some things are impossible, ye should pit this book doon noo.

(For this book is HOTCHIN wi impossible things.)

Are ye aye readin?


Then let’s get sterted . . .


    Published: 28 October 2021

    Format: 198x129mm, Paperback

    Extent: 272 pages

    ISBN: 9781785303531


    As weel as being a nummer wan bestsellin writer for adults, Matt Haig has won the Blue Peter Book Award, the Smarties Book Prize and been nominatit three times for the Carnegie Medal for his stories for bairns and young adults. The idea for the Christmas series cam when his son spiered him whit Faither Christmas wis like as a laddie.

    Chris Mould gaed tae art schuil at saxteen year auld. He has won the Nottingham Bairns’ Book Award and been commendit by the Sheffield Bairns’ Book Award. He is mairried wi twa weans and bides in Yorkshire. He loves his wark and likes tae write and draw the kin o books that he wid hae liked tae hiv had on his shelf when he wis a laddie himsel.

    Matthew Fitt is a novelist and poet as weel as a translator. Kenspeckle in the field o Scots language education, Matthew wis winner o the Ootstaundin Contribution tae Bairns’ Books award at the 2020 Scottish Book Trust Awards. He is a co-foonder o and contributin author tae the Itchy Coo imprint.

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