The Day Tripper

The Day Tripper


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It’s 1995, and Alex Dean has it all: a place at Cambridge University next year, the love of an amazing woman named Holly and all the time in the world ahead of him. That is until a brutal encounter with a ghost from his past sees him beaten, battered and almost drowning in the Thames.

He wakes the next day to find he’s in a messy, derelict room he’s never seen before, in grimy clothes he doesn’t recognise. A glimpse in the mirror tells him he’s older—much older—his features ravaged by time and poor decisions. It’s 2010—fifteen years since the fight.

After finally managing to sleep, Alex wakes the following morning to find it’s now 2019, another nine years later. But the next day, it’s 1999. Never knowing which day is coming, he begins to piece together what happens in his life after that fateful night.

But what exactly is going on? Why does his life look nothing like he thought it would? What about Cambridge, and Holly? In this page-turning adventure, Alex must navigate his way through the years to learn that good decisions can have untold impact. And that might be all he needs to save the people he loves and, equally importantly, himself.

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    Published: 21 March 2024
    Format: 234x153mm, hardback
    Extent: 368 pages
    ISBN: 9781785305931


    James Goodhand has written two YA novels. His debut, Last Lesson was described as “A powerfully charged study in empathy” by the Financial Times and has been optioned for TV by Red Planet Pictures. His second novel, Man Down was published in March 2022 to critical acclaim. The Day Tripper is his first work of adult fiction. James lives in Surrey with his wife and young son.


    “Witty and wise, The Day Tripper had me pulling for Alex through all of his mixed-up days. James Goodhand brings a fun, fresh voice to the time travel genre in this gem of a novel. I loved it!” —Shelby Van Pelt, New York Times bestselling author of Remarkably Bright Creatures

    “The Day Tripper is absolutely astonishing, from first page to last. Warm, clever, hopeful, and superbly written. James Goodhand is a brilliant storyteller.” —Stuart Turton, Sunday Times bestselling author of The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle

    “I adored The Day Tripper. Utterly original, moving, and so brilliantly crafted.” —Louisa Reid, author of The Poet

    “James Goodhand takes the time travel genre and reshapes it into something wonderful. A tender, compulsive miracle of a love story that stays with you long after the final page is turned. Essential.” —Adam Simcox, author of the Dying Squad trilogy

    “The Day Tripper is a page-turner, even as it focuses on the mundanities of life: love, aging, the responsibilities of being a son and mentor. Empathetically told, it offers a hopeful view of destiny.” —Booklist

    “A powerful, poignant twist on the time travel story that had me gripped right from the start.” —Bobby Palmer, bestselling author of Isaac and the Egg

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