The Art of Coorie

The Art of Coorie


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Coorie – or còsagach in Gaelic – is the Scottish version of hygge. In The Art Of Coorie, Times journalist Gabriella Bennett explores what coorie is and how it has helped nurture the astonishing creativity that Scotland is famed for, despite an often harsh and unforgiving climate. Now used to describe how we want to feel and be, coorie covers all aspects of the way Scots live, and The Art of Coorie explores Scottishness and coorie through lifestyle, homes and interiors, traditions, and how to enjoy life despite challenging elements. It examines the legacy of the bothies and fisherman’s cottages of the past and also the art of slowing down, appreciating what we have around us and how to use the best of all things Scottish to enhance life and its pleasures.


"It's high time the concept of coorie was more widely known. We've long valued the thought here in Scotland and now it can go out to the wider world and wrap up more folk, make them warm and well. Coorie is good for the heart and the soul." - Neil Oliver, presenter of BBC's Coast.

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Published: 13th September 2018
Format: Hardback 185x145mm
Extent: 288 pages
ISBN: 9781785301810


Gabriella Bennett is a journalist and editor based in Glasgow. She writes for The Times bout Scottish interiors, property and shopping habits. Her short stories have been featured in Gutter, The Cadaverine and The Island Review. She likes wild places, growing things and eating.


"We're told the next 'breaking lifestyle trend' will be the Scottish concept of coorie or còsagach in old Gaelic, which means snug or cosy" - The Guardian


"Like a good malt whisky,The Art of Coorie shines Scotland in a lovely warm glow." - Kirsty Wark, presenter of BBC’s Newsnight


"I was completely charmed by The Art of Coorie. It is a fine word indeed and a deeply pleasing notion. Gabriella’s musings and discoveries are timely. All of my associations with coorie come from childhood – being invited to feel welcome, safe and loved, close by the side of someone making just enough room. It’s high time the concept of coorie was more widely known. We’ve long valued the thought here in Scotland and now it can go out to the wider world and wrap up more folk, make them warm and well. Coorie is good for the heart and the soul." - Neil Oliver, presenter of BBC’s Coast and author of A History of Scotland


"Find herein Gabriella catapulting coorie aw over Scotland’s cultural cosmos andrealms beyond. Out of a seedling of Scots sprouts fun, factual and gallus text that’s theright measures of many ’hings: historical enough, sartorial enough, culinary enough,landscape and natural enough, objects enough, festive enough, boozy enough, lushenough fur sure. With stunning imagery, a cap doffed to literary leaders and paragoningsongsmiths, plus a playlist to boot, it’s an enchanting and interactive read." - Michael Pedersen, poet and curator of Neu! Reekie!

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