The Herald Diary 2021/22

The Herald Diary 2021/22


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It was a year when the world went wonky. When planet earth broke down completely, and we discovered it couldn't be swapped at the shops for an upgraded product, because nobody had bothered to keep the receipt.

Luckily The Herald's Diary column was available to cover lockdown lows, Boris bungles and the curious case of a Scottish rock legend's 'smashing' behaviour.

And let’s not forget our intrepid investigation into the mystery of the century – exactly who was plonking fancy-schmancy woollen hats on the postboxes of Greenock?

In this era of chaos and cataclysmic change, some things stayed reassuringly the same. Scotland remained triumphantly average at footy, and the Diary had a chortle about that, too.

This chucklesome compilation presents our favourite tales and quirky comments from a year like no other. Included, too, are longer stories set in the mysterious worlds of pubs and ukulele strummers.

It's been a funny old year. And this is a funny new book.

Brace yourself for a deluge of daffy Diary delights.

Product Information

Published: 11 November 2021

Format: 234x153mm, Paperback

Extent: 304 pages

ISBN: 9781785303661


Lorne Jackson began his career as a diarist at a precociously youthful age, when his parents bought him a blank notepad at seven-years-old. When he realised that he was unlikely to witness much in the way of momentous events from his vantage point in a West Lothian council house, Lorne took a sabbatical from diary writing. In the ensuing years Lorne worked as a travel writer, columnist, books editor, restaurant reviewer, feature writer and all-round Jackson-of-all-trades, before returning to his initial love when he took over the fabled mantle of Herald Diarist.

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