The Unexpected Love Story of Lexie Byrne (aged 39 1/2)

The Unexpected Love Story of Lexie Byrne (aged 39 1/2)


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An irresistible love story . . . delivered with sparkle and wit
(in a too-tight red dress!)

Meet Lexie Byrne. The big 4-0 is looming, but she’s perfectly content without a man. How else could she watch movies on repeat and eat crisp sandwiches in bed? Finally free of her love-rat ex, she’s never settling again. Nothing less than ‘The One’ will do.

Then, after an electrifying encounter on a wild St Patrick’s Day, Lexie takes a leap of faith and a flight across the Irish Sea. But as sparks fly, Lexie’s dreams take a serious nosedive. Until an arrival no one anticipated . . .

Will the unexpected love story of Lexie Byrne have a happy ending after all?


Published: 12th August 2021
Format: 234x153mm, paperback
Extent: 256 pages
ISBN: 9781785303357


Irish writer and actress Caroline Grace-Cassidy is the author of seven novels. Alongside her husband Kevin, they own Park Pictures, a film and television production company, with whom she has written and directed seven short films. She has been a regular panellist for The Elaine Show on Virgin Media One since 2012. She can often be spotted in dark sunglasses and a cap at the bottle bank – but mostly she is a very proud Mammy to Grace & Maggie Cassidy.


‘A fun, warm-hearted romp’ Marian Keyes

‘Fiercely funny and heart-warming!’ Laura Whitmore

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