The House on Rosebank Lane

The House on Rosebank Lane


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Edinburgh, 1953. The war is over, a young queen has been crowned and it’s a time of great joy and unrest both in Scotland and beyond.

Kirsten Mowat, eighteen-years-old and with a spring in her step, is glad to be out and about with her handsome, dark-haired sweetheart Duncan Armstrong.

But there’s a secret in her heart that needs to be told – and when Duncan insists on a shotgun wedding, in the Leith register office of all places, it sets Kirsten’s life along a downward path no one could have predicted. Married life brings tragedy – the wrenching loss of two newborn triplets – which leads Kirsten’s husband and grudging mother-in-law to harden their hearts against the young bride.

Soon, beset by grief, Kirsten finds herself alone with her two daughters and vulnerable baby Dixie to care for. She must seek out a haven for her precious children among the most unlikely of people, until the kindness of strangers and her own strength of will, create bonds that will draw this family together in new and unexpected ways.

From much-loved Millie Gray, The House on Rosebank Lane, is an Edinburgh-based story of families entwined, of sorrow and hopefulness . . . and of a young woman’s love for her children and transforming quest for happiness. Perfect for fans of the nostalgia, romance and strong regional settings of sagas by authors such as Annie Murray, Jennifer Worth and Dilly Court.

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Published: 11th April 2019
Format: Paperback 198x129mm
Extent: 256 pages
ISBN: 978 1 78530 223 7


Millie Gray is a writer and professional storyteller. Her humorous plays attract audiences from all over Scotland and she is much in demand to do workshops and talks about her work.

The House on Rosebank Lane is the tenth book by Millie Gray and 2019 marks the tenth year she has been with Black & White Publishing.

Millie Gray was born and raised in Leith and lives in Edinburgh.


'A warming family read that will have you both reaching for tissues and jumping for joy.'

– Lost In The Land of Books, four and a half stars out of five

'An outstanding Scottish saga of love and loyalty that will touch readers’ hearts'

– Bookish Jottings, four stars out of five

'I cried a little, got exasperated, sighed in frustration and smiled at the end. Makes for a pretty great read if you ask me.'

– The Caffinated Reader, four stars out of five

'I loved the author’s style of writing and the way the story was presented and found it very easy to follow.'

 A Lover of Books

'An all consuming rollercoaster of a ride that left me breathless and reaching for the tissues.'

– Stacy is Reading

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