Greatest Weegie Wan-Liners

Greatest Weegie Wan-Liners


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When someone describes a bitter woman as having: "A mouth like a kirby grip", or a depressed man as having: "A face like a horse in the huff", you can be fairly sure that you have strayed into Weegie Wan-Liners territory. This is the latest collection of Glaswegiana, the straightforward insults, the sly digs and the outright threats, culled from pubs and howffs citywide, by Ian Black, master of the quick sidestep, learned as he practised these gems, especially from the ex-friends to whom he said: "Listen, bampot features, when you were born they slung the wean and kept the afterbirth".

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    Published: 31 October 2012
    Format: 134x99mm, hardback
    Extent: 160pages
    ISBN: 9781845024888


    Ian Black is an author, playwright, journalist and broadcaster. He has written and compiled numerous bestsellers including Scotland vs EnglandWeegies vs Edinbuggers and Mancs vs Scousers.

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