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Steven is one unlucky closeted sixth former. Whenever he has a strong emotion, be that happiness or sadness, weird things happen. Like, potentially dangerous things. Recently, he kissed another boy for the first time and . . . the boy's head literally exploded. Steven flees to the miserable town of Grunsby-on-Sea, determined not to hurt anyone else with his "Emomancy".

With a best friend as determined as Freya, it is impossible to stay hidden for long though, especially when she realises Steven might be in danger after a mysterious organisation called DEMA start asking questions about him. Where Freya goes, her boyfriend Marcus and American friend Troy soon follow. Together, they are determined to find out more about this organisation and what "neutralising" someone like Steven might mean.

By chance, Steven meets a handsome stranger who claims to share his powers and who offers to teach Steven how to control them. But who is he in relation to DEMA? What on earth happened to make Grunsby-on-Sea so lethargic a town? And can you really trust a charismatic stranger you meet in a café bathroom?

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    Published: 6 July 2023
    Format: 198x129mm, paperback
    Extent: 352 pages
    ISBN: 9781785304729


    David Fenne is an author, actor and improv comedian. Originally from a small village in coastal Dorset, he went to London in 2012 for drama school (studying American Theatre Arts at Rose Bruford College). He also trained abroad for half a year at Syracuse University, NY, an experience that inspired a lot of the transatlantic humour in his writing. Currently, he works as a scriptwriter for an e-learning platform and runs long-form improv theatre company Pinch Punch. From improvised musical pantos to a sell-out Agatha Christie-style improvised whodunnit, he's entertained audiences the length and breadth of the UK (in many a wig and outrageous accent).

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