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Street Food Scotland


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What is the difference between street food and a burger van? Is it to do with atmosphere, provenance, location or price? This fascinating, original book covers the history, culture and international influence of street food, and how it came to be so popular in Scotland. It covers:

  • Where to find Scotland's very best street food, from the farmers' markets of Glasgow and Edinburgh to the artisan camper vans of the Highlands and Islands. (With tips on those food trucks that travel to the footfall, and aren't always where you expect to find them!)
  • The lifestyle, motivations and disparate backgrounds of those aficionados who have made a culinary success of their caravans, market stalls and old police boxes. Stories include failed cafes turned into thriving street food trucks, grandma's recipe for pakora first served on the streets of India and lobsters served from a shack next to the sea in which they were caught.

A celebration of the best streetside dining that Scotland has to offer. Vibrant, authentic and unmissable: top spots to enjoy traditional and contemporary food served in remarkable settings.

Product Details

Published: 24th October 2019
Format: Hardback 190x244mm
Extent: 256 pages
ISBN: 9781785302633


Ailidh Forlan has a passion for all things food and drink! A judge on the panels for the 2019 Scottish Street Food Awards and the Scottish Thistle Awards Best Eating Experience in 2018 and 2019, Ailidh is an expert on Scotland’s quality food offering. Based in Edinburgh, she is the discerning foodie behind ‘Plate Expectations’, a hugely popular Instagram page that delights with an unbiased, no-nonsense approach to reviewing, coupled with drool-worthy food photography. It’s here that she champions local Scottish produce and documents Scotland’s newest and most innovative dining experiences. As a member of The List’s Eating & Drinking Guide review team, Ailidh has also critiqued many of Edinburgh’s restaurants and bars over the past four years.


'This book symbolises all that's great about Scottish food and really reflects the street food movement that s going on right now. I'm definitely going to be checking out a few of these.' TOM KITCHIN

'Scotland s street food scene is relatively young and, despite the weather, surprisingly vibrant. Ailidh has been a fan since its inception, and here she introduces us to the most exciting chefs, cooks and vendors.' GABY SOUTAR

'I can vouch for Wanderers Kneaded, Alandas Fish & Chips and Ullapool s Seafood Shack as among the tastiest street food I've ever eaten; and now with Ailidh's showstopper of a book the rest of Scotland's magnificent street food traders have zoomed to the top of my must-try list. Brilliantly championing Scottish produce and the anti-food-waste ethos, I couldn't recommend it more! TONY SINGH 

'This invaluable guide is a must, not just for street-food lovers, but for anyone interested in eating and experiencing tasty food with a quirky story behind it.' NEIL FORBES

'I just love this book! A fantastic journey into the recipes and incredible people who make Scotland's amazing street food scene happen. Food in Scotland is in the middle of a revolution: this is the food and people at the heart of it.' GARY MACLEAN

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