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Those We Drown

Those We Drown

An ocean-drenched, atmospheric horror debut! Liv's best friend disappears on their first night aboard their dream semester-at-sea program—but is he really sick, like everyone says, or is something darker lurking beneath the water?

It should have been the trip of a lifetime.


"A delicious mix of YA writing, mysteries galore, mythology and murderGoldsmith has got a delightful debut under her belt." Waterstones bookseller, 5-stars

"I was not prepared for how this book sucked me in and wouldn't let up. Suspenseful horror on a cruise ship! I read it in a day."Reader, 5-stars

"The slow unravelling of the mystery is captivating and surprising... An original, suspenseful, and atmospheric debut." Kirkus Reviews

"Through Liv's snarky first-person narration, Goldsmith crafts a seafaring tale of grim horror." Publishers Weekly

"Quick-fire pacing and stunning reveals around every corner... as dazzling as it is terrifying." Kara Thomass

"An immaculately crafted, eerie thriller that will hold readers in breathless suspense until the final, chilling moments." Lyndall Clipstone

"Taut and immersive." Tara Goedjen

"A delicious descent into dark waters... a slippery, salt-soaked mystery where no one can be trusted and debts must be paid." Ann Fraistat

"Weaving Greek mythology and oceanic horror into a glittering mystery at sea, Those We Drown explores the sinister side of wealth, beauty, and privilege." Erica Waters

"This story took me on an adventure I won't soon forget. I've always wanted to go on a cruise . . . but this made me think twice. I loved it." Amanda Linsmeier

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