Frankie Vaughan Ate My Hamster

Frankie Vaughan Ate My Hamster


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Moving into a new home in Easterhouse in 1961 was the start of some great adventures for Rikki Brown. For a young boy, it was hard to tell what to worry about more - the threat of nuclear war or starting primary school! Certainly each offered its own horrors. But after surviving Scarlett Fever, primaries were a whirl of games and lessons and comic misunderstandings. Then came secondary school, full of intellectual segregation, status struggles and belt-happy teachers. But with the sounds of the seventies now raging, all you needed was the right LP under your arm to attract admiration. Secondary school also brought new forays into sports, pubs, clothes, and the opposite sex, not to mention surviving the prevalent Easterhouse gangs. This hilarious account by newspaper columnist Rikki Brown will take readers on an entertaining and riotous trip down memory lane, back to the days when getting through school was a matter of survival - where only a combination of brains, style and street sense could guarantee success.

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Published: 4th July 2011
Format: Paperback 234x156mm
Extent: 192 pages
ISBN: 9781845023379


Rikki Brown is a TV and radio scriptwriter who has worked for Craig Ferguson and Rory Bremner. His other work includes Scotch and WryChewing The FatNaked VideoNaked Radio and A Game of Two Halves. He was also the head writer on BBC Scotland's long running radio show Watson's Wind Up and has been a member of the Only An Excuse team for over 20 years. Rikki is probably best known though for his long association as a satirist for the Scottish Sun and the News of the World.


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