FEISTY AND FIERY AND FIERCE at the Portobello Bookshop

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Portobello Bookshop Launch: Feisty and Fiery and Fierce with Mairi Kidd

The Portobello Bookshop hosted a superbly informative evening with Mairi Kidd, exploring the uplifting, fascinating stories behind Feisty and Fiery and Fierce and what they can tell us about our lives today.

At the launch event, Mairi reads extracts from her fabulous new book, discusses how she researched and chose the badass women featured, and the inspiration behind her writing.

You can check out the recording of the event over on The Portobello Bookshop website at https://www.theportobellobookshop.com/events.

About Feisty and Fiery and Fierce

Feisty and Fiery and Fierce Cover

The history of the Celtic nations of Scotland, Ireland and Wales has been too often dominated by tales of men, with women relegated to the footnotes, becoming all but invisible and unheard.

In this beautiful, intriguing book of ‘her-stories’, Mairi Kidd gathers thirty exceptional women of the Celtic nations, each of whom made her own unique mark on our interwoven pasts. Their voices are resonant, timely, thought-provoking.

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