Within the Heart of Wicked Creatures

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Coming next summer from our YA imprint, Ink Road:  Within the Heart of Wicked Creatures by Rima Orie.

Inspired by colonial Suriname, the YA fantasy is about warfare, belonging and survival. 

The story follows Priya Chkadhari, who is born during the blood moon and therefore cursed with the ability to manipulate other people’s souls. In her quiet rural village, Priya must hide her real identity – blood children are killed if discovered.

However, everything changes when Priya passes the annual test to attend the country’s elite military school in Kuwatta. As she trains with other blood children, her curse becomes a gift. But Priya soon finds that as a participant in the guerilla war that has plagued the torn land of Awaran for centuries, survival is a luxury. What’s more, she discovers a strange, deadly threat that lurks in the cursed heart of the Kuwatta fortress. With dangers looming around her, Priya will need all of her strength if she wants to save both her friends and herself.

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Author photo by Ester Gebuis

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