Happy St Patrick's Day

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Celebrate St Patrick’s Day your way this year by getting to know some Irish legends with Róisín Ingle in My Perfect Place in Ireland. Explore the great green outdoors with Orla Kiely and Michelle Fairley then raise a glass in a Galway pub with Martin ‘Beanz’ Ward. Have a laugh with Dara Ó Briain and Ardal O’Hanlon, meet the makers of your Paddy’s Day playlist with Daniel O’Donnell, Keavy Lynch and Chris de Burgh and relive victories with Irish sporting greats like Marty Morrissey, Niall Breslin, Eamonn Coghlan and Neil McManus.

An actor’s appreciation for a panoramic Antrim coast view is made more meaningful when gazed upon from a deckchair in a close friend’s garden. A writer’s gritty Dublin council estate conjures up memories of the characters and capers from an adventure-filled childhood. A singer’s fondness for a stunningly situated Donegal golf course is revealed, at heart, to be a family saga going back generations. And all of these perfect places are as vivid in the minds of those who love them as they are on any map.

From a lakeside revelation in Galway to the late discovery of a Dublin mountain, from family fun in a coastal Co. Kerry town to a fascination for the sheep-grazed ruins of a castle in Co. Antrim, and from a family escape to a grand country home in Co. Laois to a courageous activist finding solace in a bustling park in the centre of our capital city, this book is full of stories about glorious or ordinary, sometimes gloriously ordinary, places in Ireland.

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