The Shetland Gruffalo

The Shetland Gruffalo


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Translated by LAUREEN JOHNSON. Illustrated by AXEL SCHEFFLER.

Now Available in Shetlandic Scots

Everybody loves The Gruffalo and now you can enjoy this children's classic for the very first time in Shetlandic Scots! Translated by Laureen Johnson and published by Itchy Coo, this new edition of The Gruffalo will delight both children and adults alike.

Ida hert o a forest deep an dark, a perrie broon moose guid oot for a waak. Noo, Tod da fox tinks, "Dat's juist whit A'm wantin! A'll glaep up dat moose, for A'm juist black fantin."

Come a perrie bit farder untae da deep, dark forest, an fin oot whit happens when da fly perrie moose comes face ta face wi Kattyugl da owl, a sliddery snake an a hungry gruffalo...

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Published: 21st October 2015
Format: Paperback 270x215mm
Extent: 32 pages
ISBN: 9781785300073


Julia Donaldson, the 2011-2013 Children's Laureate, is the outrageously talented, prize-winning author of the world's most-loved picture books including The Gruffalo and What the Ladybird Heard.

Laureen Johnson belongs to Voe and still lives there. She has written plays, poems, and short stories; a local history book, Inside the Postcard (2001); and a short novel, Shetland Black (2002). Poetry collection: Treeds, (2007, Hansel Cooperative Press, reprinted 2010). Her work appears in the New Shetlander, and has appeared in various Scottish publications. She currently co-edits the New Shetlander together with Brian Smith, and is a committee member of ‘Shetland ForWirds’. Laureen and Mary Blance edited Bright Pebbles, an anthology of prose and poetry published by the SIC and launched at the Hamefarin in June 2010. Laureen translated Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland into Shetland dialect in 2013.

Axel Scheffler is a German-born illustrator and animator based in London. He is best known for his cartoon-like pictures for children's books, particularly The Gruffalo and The Gruffalo's Child, written by Julia Donaldson.


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