We Are All Witches

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Weaving fiction with the facts where these are known, We Are All Witches invites the reader to explore the forces at work in one of the darkest episodes of Scotland's history and consider their echoes in the present day.

“Springing directly from the pioneering Witches of Scotland campaign, Kidd has imagined lively and convincing voices from the past to commemorate the lost lives of Scotland’s witches, reminiscent of Jenni Fagan’s Hex.” – Sara Sheridan, author of The Fair Botanists

“This clever and compelling book brings the victims of the witch hunts into sharp focus. This book is a must for anyone interested in this horrifying time in Scotland’s history.” – Zoe Venditozzi, Witches of Scotland campaign

“We Are All Witches is a compelling, moving book that invites the reader to consider not only the background to the Scottish witch trials and the mythology surrounding witches, but also the lives of those affected.” – Elizabeth Lee, author of Cunning Women

We are over the moon that what started as a commission for our project has become such a beautiful and important book that gives a voice to so many women across Scotland. Màiri’s stories have moved and inspired us, and this book is a true gem. – Heal & Harrow


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